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Receiving and Assessing Complaints

On receipt of information the Registrar will forward the information to the Teachers Registration Board’s Investigation Unit to conduct a preliminary investigation to determine the appropriate course of action, and if there is reasonable cause to conduct an investigation into the allegations. If the allegations received are complex in nature the Registrar may also consult the Crown Solicitor, who provides legal advice to the Registrar.

The Teachers Registration Board has its own Investigation Unit consisting of 3 Investigations Officers. The Investigations Officers have expertise in the conduct of investigations and management of judicial proceedings.

Complaints arising from matters of school policy and management procedures are not generally investigated by the Board, and should be referred to the respective school’s management for attention.

Complaints that are deemed trivial or vexatious are examined thoroughly and referred to the Registrar with a recommendation that no further investigation of the complaint is warranted. A letter is then forwarded to the complainant advising of the outcome.