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Range of Professional Learning Opportunities

Professional learning (PL) for the purpose of registration is:

  • learning that all Registered and Provisionally Registered teachers (practising and non-practising) engage in (both in their own time and work time) to continually build their capacity as professionals
  • learning that is over and above the normal expectations of a teacher’s role and responsibilities (including preparation, planning, programming, assessment and reporting)
  • learning that focuses on particular Standards or a combination of Standards at one career stage (proficient as a minimum) or across a range of career stages
  • learning that is referenced by the teacher to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST).


Types of Professional Learning

Teachers can choose from a broad selection of professional learning opportunities and it is anticipated that a range of learning opportunities will be undertaken. The Board understands that some employers may require a teacher to complete specific types of professional learning. This will be recognised for registration purposes provided it is referenced by the teacher to the APST.


Professional learning may include any of the following examples and/or other examples identified by a teacher and referenced to the Standards. The examples provided are only a guide to clarify some of the types of professional learning that will meet registration requirements and, therefore, should not be considered exhaustive.

Professional Learning Infographic:

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If you are unsure about any aspect of the professional learning requirements for renewal of registration please contact us by phone (08) 8226 2666 or email. (