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Recording Professional Learning

For each professional learning activity you need to:

  • keep supporting evidence demonstrating that you completed the activity; and
  • retain an appropriate summary record e.g. on the Teachers Portal

for at least 12 months after the date your renewal of registration is finalised.

Upon your 3-yearly renewal, you will be asked to declare whether you have completed a minimum of 60 hours of professional learning within your current term of registration. It is optional to record more than 60 hours.

A number of renewal applications will be randomly selected for audit following the renewal process and nominated teachers will be asked to provide their Professional Learning Summary Record at that time.

Please refer to Referencing Professional Learning to the Standards for examples of professional learning summary record entries.

Professional Learning Summary Record

For every professional learning activity undertaken you need to record:

  • Title and type of professional learning – the title and a brief description of the activity
  • Starting date and Completion date – the date(s) on/over which you completed the activity
  • Total hours – how much time you committed to the activity
  • Evidence held – the type of evidence you have retained for the completion of this activity
  • Standards - which of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (Standards) you consider the learning activity could be referenced to
  • How does the learning connect to the Standards? – a brief description, in your own words, of how you have made a connection to the selected Standard/s.

You must record all of the above information, regardless of how you choose to keep your Professional Learning Summary Record.

You are only required to submit a summary record in the case of an audit, however we strongly advise that you record your professional learning as you complete it. You could even use your record for other purposes, such as for performance review processes, to show to a prospective employer, or for your own personal reflection.

There are several different ways that you can keep a professional learning summary record:

Use the My Professional Learning History tool on the Teachers Portal

The video tutorials below are step-by-step guides on how to log on to the Teachers Portal and record your professional learning. This is the recommended way to track your learning securely online in one place. If you are selected for an audit and have recorded your 60 hours on the portal you will not need to supply anything to the Board as the information can be automatically downloaded on the due date.

Download and complete the Board’s summary record template

This Word template can be saved to your own device and filled out electronically, or printed and completed by hand. In the case of an audit you will need to send in a signed and dated copy of this summary record.

Using your own form of summary record

You can keep your own type of Professional Learning Summary Record as long as it states all of the information described in the above section. In the case of an audit you will need to send in a signed copy of this summary record.


Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions and other pages in the Professional Learning menu for further information.