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Are you planning on going overseas?

If you are planning to spend, or have spent, extended time overseas for more than just a holiday, it may affect your application requirements for Renewal of Registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you reside in any country other than Australia, for more than 12 continuous months within your current term of registration, you will need to provide original or certified copies of national overseas criminal history record checks from those countries. The check must be issued in the 12 months immediately prior to your registration expiry date.

Overseas Criminal History Record Checks can be time consuming and difficult to obtain once you are back in Australia and this will affect the time it takes to finalise an application. The TRB advises that you apply for a criminal history check while you are still residing in the overseas country, before your return to Australia.

No.  You are unable to place your renewal of registration on hold for any circumstances.

If your registration expires during the time you are away, you will be required to lodge an Application for Teacher Registration and meet all of the requirements and pay the appropriate fee (currently $455).

The Application for Renewal of Registration is available online via the Teacher’s Portal.  To use the Teachers’ Portal, please register for an account. Once you have created your account, you will be able to log in to the portal at:

The portal provides the capacity for teachers to complete the application electronically and print it for submission to the Teachers Registration Board.

NB - Please ensure you sign the document in all relevant places and enclose payment if you are paying by cheque/money order.

If you do not renew your registration and wish to return to teaching in South Australia at a later date you will need to lodge a new Application for Teacher Registration with the Board as a previously registered teacher. When lodging a new application you:

  • will be charged a reinstatement fee
  • will be required to have completed a four year pre-service teacher education program or an approved three year non-teacher education degree and an approved pre-service teacher education postgraduate degree of at least one year’s full-time duration or equivalent
  • may be required to provide supporting documentation that is in addition to the documentation supplied in your earlier application.
  • may be required to provide a national overseas criminal history record check

If you wish to apply for Renewal of Registration before the renewal period please contact us directly as soon as possible.

No. It is a requirement that the Application for Renewal of Registration, the National Police History Check Consent Form and the Consent for Transfer of Department for Child Protection Information are all signed by the applicant. The provision of false or misleading information is an offence pursuant to section 54 of the Teachers Registration and Standards Act 2004 (the Act) with a maximum penalty of $10,000. In addition, it could also lead to further disciplinary action pursuant to section 33 of the Act, which may lead to refusal or cancellation of registration. 

If you need to complete an update course, there is a free online update course available at Department for Education and Child Development. When you have finished the training you can forward the electronic certificate to the Board by emailing it to

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