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Board Policy

Religious/Spiritual Leaders in Schools or Pre-Schools

The Board's policy enables religious/spiritual leaders, who do not hold teacher registration, to teach in the specialised subject area of the religion of a school or pre-school. Such leaders may be ordained priests or ministers, members of a religious order, or lay people recognised within the relevant religious/spiritual community.

This Special Authority does not enable the applicant to teach any other subject.

A Special Authority for an Unregistered Person to Teach as a Religious/Spiritual Leader in Schools or Pre-Schools is required when:

  1. Teaching in the area of the religion of a school or pre-school. This means teaching a course of instruction (e.g. studies in sacred text) as a part of the religious/spiritual education program of the school or pre-school.
  2. Teaching a language which is an integral part of the study of a religion. It is distinct from teaching a Language other than English.

A Special Authority is not required when providing pastoral and/or spiritual support to the school community.

Religious/Spiritual leaders can lodge an Application for a Special Authority for an Unregistered Person to Teach (Music/Religion/Anangu) form with the Board.

Minimum Qualifications Requirements

  1. Either a tertiary qualification from a recognised university (or approved equivalent) that is of  at least three years' full-time duration (or part-time equivalent), in a field related to the study of religion (e.g. Bachelor of Theology or Bachelor of Divinity etc.), or an approved equivalent degree or diploma. 
  2. Or recognition and endorsement from the relevant religious/spiritual community.

Renewal of Special Authority

An applicant is eligible to apply to renew a Special Authority at the expiry of each three year period provided they have satisfied all other requirements i.e. Mandatory Notification Training, consent to a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check undertaken by the Board and are fit and proper to be granted an extension of the Special Authority to Teach for a further three year period. 

Application Form