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Transition from Provisional to (full) Registration

The majority of teachers are first registered with Provisional Registration. Once you have:


you need to complete an Application to Transition from Provisional to (full) Registration. See the sections below for more information about completing this process, and when you need to do it.

In summary, you will need to:

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any queries, please contact our office by emailing or phoning +61 8 8226 2666.

Teaching service

Teaching service

Teaching service for your application can only be "counted" for employment as a registered:

  • Teacher (including early childhood teacher);
  • principal; or
  • director (directors of long day care are exempt)


  • a school in Australia or New Zealand;
  • or in a prescribed service in South Australia (including preschool and long day care).

Verifying 200 days of teaching service

Verifying 200 days of teaching service

One full-time year of teaching is equivalent to 200 days. If you have been teaching part-time or doing TRT work you can add up fractions of days. Please do not submit an application until after you have completed your 200 days of service.


If you have completed 200 days of continuous teaching service at one site your principal, director or site leader can verify this by completing the recommendation. They must write your start and end dates and the fraction of full-time equivalent (FTE) days worked.


If you have completed your 200 days over several contracts at the same site, or across several sites, you need to provide a  Statement of Service with your application. This document shows all the dates you have been employed as a teacher, and the fraction of time (FTE) worked for each period.

  • For South Australian DECD sites, you may be able to retrieve a Statement of Service from the Employee Information Kiosk
  • For non-government sites, you will need to ask each site you have worked at for a signed Statement of Service on official school/prescribed service letterhead.

The Board does not receive teaching service information directly from employers, so it is your responsibility to obtain a Statement of Service as evidence of meeting the requirements. We can't accept copies of employment contracts, payslips or any other documents in place of a Statement of Service. Please contact us if you're unsure.

Statement of Service

Statement of Service

A statement of service is a statement signed and dated by a principal/director/site leader/employing authority detailing the dates of employment at the site(s). This statement must be on the official letterhead of the site/employing authority and include the following:

  • name and registration number of the teacher
  • classification of the position held by the teacher (e.g. teacher, coordinator, senior leader, principal, director etc.)
  • start and end dates of the appointment(s) and fraction(s) of time worked
  • name and contact details of the principal/director/site leader/employing authority.

Evidence of meeting the Proficient level

Evidence of meeting the Proficient level

You need to share with your evaluator multiple forms of evidence so they can make a professional and holistic judgement about whether you meet the Proficient level in each of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

This could include:

  • classroom/learning area observations
  • curriculum and planning documents
  • students'/children's work/evidence of learning
  • performance development processes
  • reflections with colleagues, parents and community members


One piece of evidence may cover several of the standards. There are other examples of evidence you could provide on the AITSL website – Illustrations of Practice

The role of the evaluator

The role of the evaluator

An evaluator is someone at your school/service who:

  • holds (full) Registration status
  • acts in a line-management position e.g. a co-ordinator, senior leader, director, principal, etc
  • is familiar with your teaching practice


You need to provide evidence to an evaluator that you have met the Proficient level in all seven of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, and they can confirm this on your application form by completing a recommendation.

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

In a nationally consistent approach to teacher registration, the Board has aligned its processes to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (Standards), as outlined by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL).


There are 7 different Standards relating to different elements of high quality teaching and teacher responsibilities, and each is divided into 4 career stages. New teachers are at the Graduate career stage, so you need to show that you have now achieved the Proficient level.


The Standards are outlined in the application form, but you can find out more about them on the AITSL website

Summary Record of Sources of Evidence

Summary Record of Sources of Evidence

You need to keep a Summary Record of Sources of Evidence shown to the evaluator to prove that you have met the Proficient level in each of the Standards.


You can download a template Summary Record of Sources of Evidence from our website, or complete it electronically by logging into the Teacher's Portal. See the application explanatory notes for an example of how to complete this summary record.


A number of applicants will be randomly selected for audit at regular intervals. If you are notified that you have been included in the audit you will need to supply your Summary Record of Sources of Evidence to the Board within 28 days. 

Recommendation to Transition

Recommendation to Transition

Once the evaluator has made a summative judgement about the evidence you have provided they need to complete a recommendation at the end of the application. The recommendation must be counter-signed by your principal/director if they are not your evaluator.


Should you not be recommended for transition by the evaluator, further information about which Standard/s you have been assessed as not meeting the Proficient level in will be required. You and the evaluator will need to attach explanations on separate sheets marked Private and Confidential and to the attention of the Registrar.


The decision to grant Registration status ultimately rests with the Board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before Applying

Teachers with Provisional Registration have met all the minimum requirements to be registered as a teacher. Once a teacher has had sufficient experience as a registered teacher they can apply to be granted Registration (sometimes called Full Registration in other jurisdictions).


There are some other types of registration, too. If you hold Restricted Registration you will not able to transition to Registration.


If you hold Provisional Registration with Conditions (e.g. to complete mandatory notification training, higher education study, etc.) you won’t be able to complete the transition process until you have met the requirements of your condition. However, if you previously held Registration, and then had a condition imposed, you will be given that status back on meeting your condition.


Some teachers have a Special Authority to Teach. This is not a form of teacher registration, and you will not be able to transition to Registration. However, if you hold a Special Authority and later meet the requirements to gain Provisional Registration (e.g. completing a teacher education qualification), you may only begin “counting” teaching service you undertake once you are granted that Provisional Registration.

You need to complete the Application to Transition from Provisional to (full) Registration.

Please note that our application forms are updated from time to time, so ensure you have the most recent version by downloading it once you are ready to start the transition process. Obsolete application forms cannot be processed.

Once all sections of the application are complete you need to submit it to the Board by post or in-person – faxed or electronic copies cannot be accepted. You can keep a photocopy for your reference, but you must submit the original signed version to the Board.

You should complete the Application to Transition from Provisional to (full) Registration as soon as you have met all the requirements.

This application is a separate process to the renewal of registration and should be lodged as soon as possible to avoid delays.

It is a condition of your Provisional Registration that you complete this process once you are eligible; or you may not be able to renew for a further three years.

No, there is no cost to complete the application.

Your new certificate will only reflect a change in registration status – your expiry date and other details remain the same. That means you still need to renew your registration and pay the registration fee before your expiry date. 

You should begin early. You need to make time for the following:


You may have already taken steps towards your transition through performance development or other employment processes, so this could help you with completing the application.

Choosing an evaluator

Contact the Board’s office by email at or phoning +61 8 8226 5977 or +61 8 8226 3497. A Project Officer – Professional Standards will be able to discuss some suitable options with you.

You may like to select the site you work at most or where you have been employed the longest. It’s likely that staff there will have greater familiarity with your teaching practice, and you may have built a good rapport with a teacher in a line-management position.

You could approach the line-manager even before you have completed your 200 days of service to see whether they would be happy to support your future application. You need to choose someone who would feel able to provide a summative, holistic judgement of your teaching practice.

After applying

Most applications are processed within 4 weeks of being received.

It may take a little longer during peak periods, such as renewal time from October-January. If the application is incomplete or further information is needed, your application may be delayed or returned to you.

You should complete the application as soon as you have met all the requirements. This application is a separate process to the renewal of registration and should be lodged as soon as possible to avoid delays.

If you have provided your current email address to the Board you will be sent an email confirmation when:

  • your application is received, and
  • when it has been approved.

You will also receive a new certificate with Registration status and an accompanying letter by post.

It is your responsibility to ensure your application is posted to the Board - don’t assume that your employer has sent it in on your behalf. If your application gets left somewhere and isn’t submitted until several months later, we may not be able to accept it.

You will be notified if you are selected for inclusion in the audit process, which the Board conducts on a regular basis. You need to provide a signed and dated copy of your summary Record of Sources of Evidence shown to your evaluator within 28 days of being notified of the audit. You do not need to send your actual sources of evidence to the Board.

The Registrar may at any time require you to provide further information relating to your registration, pursuant to the Teachers Registration and Standards Act 2004. This may include evidence in support of your application to transition.

There is a section of the application, following the recommendation, where you can make comments about the application process. If you have any other feedback or queries, you can forward this to a Project Officer – Professional Standards.

If you have a grievance about an action/decision related to an Application to Transition from Provisional to (full) Registration you can set this out in a letter to the Registrar. This letter must:

  • include your full name, address and registration number
  • outline the reason(s) for complaint
  • be submitted to the Board no later than three months after the date when the grievance occurred

You will be contacted within 28 days from the date the letter is received to notify you of any action being taken. If a hearing is warranted and the Board makes a determination, a teacher has the right to appeal the determination to the Administrative and Disciplinary Division of the District Court pursuant to the Teachers Registration and Standards Act 2004.


If you have not completed 200 days of teaching service within your initial term of Provisional Registration, you are not eligible to complete the transition process. You can apply for one further term of Provisional Registration as long as you meet all other renewal requirements.

Your first full term of registration from 2013 is your initial term of Provisional Registration under the nationally consistent new requirements for registration.

This means you will have had two 3-year terms (i.e. 6 years) of Provisional Registration under the new requirements. If you do not complete the 200 days of service within those two terms you will need to submit a new application for renewal of Provisional Registration under a modified process yet to be developed.

Please see the below graphic to determine when your initial term of registration began:

You must apply to transition to (full) Registration. If you have never completed this application process (or the previous process, Change of Registration Status) you will still hold Provisional Registration. Remember that only teaching service undertaken in the last 5 years can be used for the transition application.

Your registration is separate from employment processes, such as completing a probationary period.

If you previously held Registration, but allowed your registration to expire, you would have been re-instated with Provisional Registration. You need to complete a new Application to Transition from Provisional to (full) Registration to re-gain Registration status.

You can only use service as a registered teacher, principal or director of a pre-school, school or prescribed service in Australia or New Zealand.

That means you cannot include service from any other employment, including:

  • school support officer (SSO)
  • tutor
  • hourly-paid instructor
  • early childhood educator/childcare room leader
  • university student teaching practice liaison
  • university/TAFE/other higher education lecturing or tutoring
  • exam moderator
  • administration officer

No. Only employment as the early childhood teacher can be counted towards the 200 satisfactory teaching days needed to be eligible to apply for (full) registration.

Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions - Transition from Provisional to full Registration for more details