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ACHPER Conference 2015

ACHPER 2015 Attendees

The 29th International ACHPER Conference was held in Adelaide during the April school holidays. Ten teachers were sponsored by the Teachers Registration Board to participate in the conference and they subsequently provided the Board with reports detailing their conference experience.

The ACHPER Conference was held in Adelaide during the April school holidays.


Read the conference reports below:

“I believe it is imperative that I continue to research, actively participate and reflect on my pedagogy and knowledge which in turn will enable me to deliver a valued PE program to all my students. The ACHPER Conference enabled me to hear and understand how philosophies of the teaching of PE are developing deeper into human movement, game sense and research that supports this. It also was a time to expand my network, meet with PE specialists like myself and compare and share what practices we are using to meet the roll out of the Health and Physical Education content of the National Australian Curriculum.”

Kim Boothey, Colonel Light Gardens Primary


“I felt very privileged to be sponsored to attend the ACHPER conference and found it to be a very worthwhile and stimulating experience. It was amazing just to be part of such a large gathering of educators from so many countries. There was a wide selection of sessions to choose from. As a temporary relief teacher I teach different levels R-7 so I will be able to promote the games and skills I learnt at the conference to students, parents, carers and staff of the schools where I am called to teach.”

Liz Gauci, TRT


“Much of the reason I wanted to attend this conference was to do with getting more familiar with the Australian Curriculum and learning to use it more efficiently and effectively. I was surprised to find Rob Randall’s presentation, as part of the day two keynote session, a gentle challenge, rather than the information overload I was dreading. I liked the idea that the Australian Curriculum should really be an affirmation of what we already do, and that we should keep asking questions - look for what we aren’t doing and ask ourselves why? Rob encouraged us all to use these “whys” as opportunities to reflect on and improve what we are doing.”

Fiona Starr, O’Sullivan Beach Primary School


“ACHPER reinforced that it is our responsibility to shift the power to our students by emphasising the bigger picture. As Health and PE educators, it’s not just about ‘the game’; we are teaching honesty, acceptance, respect, teamwork, resilience and all the skills needed for life, but this is something that can only be accomplished when students are provided with the opportunity to nourish their body and mind through physical activity.”

Katherine Harrison


“Having very limited experience with disabled children, Phil Doecke’s session on inclusive PE was one of the most valuable I attended over the three day conference. His session focused on the inclusion of students with physical, intellectual and social disabilities and how we could get kids to understand the learning needs of their disabled classmates. He suggested various ways that we could modify our physical education lessons through the use of the TREE principle; adjusting the Teaching strategy, the Rules of the game, the Environment (surfaces, net height, space etc.) and the Equipment used.”

Kimberley Elliott


“As a generalist teacher I chose mostly practical sessions with ideas to take away and try out. I thought this would be the main benefit from attending the conference. They are a valuable resource to enliven my program. The surprising benefit so far has been the feeling of shared endeavour and exploration among the teachers and presenters and the social /professional connections I made. I wish I had engaged with professional bodies earlier in my career as this experience has reconnected me with the importance of what we do as teachers.”

Bronwyn de Hoghton


“The greatest statement during the conference that made an impact on me was during the Fritz Duras Memorial lecture by Dr. Graham Dodd who stated, “Kids who are more active achieve more! They are more attentive in class, cause less discipline and behaviour issues.” This got me thinking a lot during the rest of the conference as to, ‘How do I influence change in my school?’ I came away from the conference with a sense of renewed enthusiasm for developing new and exciting programs for my school in addition to a desire to make a greater contribution to mentoring student teachers (and young graduates) at both university and school level.”

Anthony Worden, Plympton Primary School


“It was my first ACHPER conference and I hope that now it will definitely not be my last. Each of the workshops I attended provided useful and practical ideas and information that I could take not just back to my PE classes or sports groups but could transfer into any aspect of the classroom. It focused on the learners, best practice and high standards. The range of both active and passive options throughout the conference really allowed people to drive their own learning pathways…. And in some cases keep us on our toes, literally!”

Adrienne Niven, The Heights School