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ASME Conference 2015

ASME 2015 Attendees

The 20th National Australian Society for Music Education (ASME) Conference was held in Adelaide during the October school holidays. Five teachers were sponsored by the Teachers Registration Board to participate in the conference and they subsequently provided the Board with reports detailing their conference experience.

Read the conference reports below:

“I attended a couple of sessions where Richard Gill (Arts advocate particularly around music education) was presenter/panellist and his main message was around the importance of music education for all. He reproduced data and stats around those students who had a solid music education (and opportunity). The results have been overwhelming and music educators all know and often repeat that these students are often adept in many other curriculum areas as well as being well rounded in ‘life’.”

Anne O’Dea, Keithcot Farm Primary


“Dr Collins’ inspiring closing keynote encouraged conference participants to consider the long-term benefits of learning music, explaining that two years of music learning at five years of age leads to healthier brains in seventy-five year olds. In this way she suggested that if every child had access to formal music learning, we could change an entire generation of people.”

Belinda Parr, Salisbury East High School


“I would like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend the ASME conference. It was an excellent conference and one of the best conferences I have had the opportunity to attend. Its key note speakers were excellent and the session leaders were well qualified and professional in their approach to their sessions which were informative and well researched.”

Bob Martin, Mannum Community College


“Music affects our wellbeing and gives us pleasure, and music appreciation is for life. Encouraging children to explore their own musical capability throughout schooling will create adults with a confident sense of musicality, who live their lives immersed in musical experiences and who advocate for the importance of music in society. The sensory enjoyment children of all ages gain from listening, moving and creating music is undeniable, and its enhancement of their cognitive development shouldn’t be underestimated.”

Juliet Rooney, TRT


“The workshop was called Jam on Toast: new songs, dances and creative recipes for children and was presented by James Madsen. This workshop was fun, energetic and hands-on and left me with many new techniques to introduce to my children. I have already begun implementing instruments with story and dance. The children look forward to our new music sessions each day.”

Michelle Botei, GoodStart Early Learning, Hope Valley