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2017 HASS SA Conference for Humanities and Social Sciences teachers

The 2017 Humanities and Social Sciences SA conference was held on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 February at UniSA’s Magill campus. The conference was open to all HaSS educators from R-12 as well as pre-service teachers. Ten lucky registered teachers were sponsored by the TRB to attend this event and you can read their conference reports below.

“As a recent graduate my employment currently consists of temporary relief teaching… the experience has given me a more rounded understanding of the HaSS curriculum… I feel it has developed a confidence within myself that will result in creating more innovative ways to creatively deliver learning experiences.”

“My main aim for the conference was to gain more understanding of the challenges faced by Primary School teachers when delivering the Geography component of the HASS curriculum.”

“What I had forgotten and overlooked about HaSS McInerny reminded and enlightened.  I have the confidence again to support and promote the HASS fundamental principle outcomes eg: courage, integrity, fairness.”

“Inspired by the unforgettable sensory experience in one of those workshop sessions, with the help of my colleague, I have planned and delivered a series of history lesson for two year 1 classes.”

“The day was filled with numerous opportunities to network with others in our field, to discuss teaching ideas, and to improve our pedagogical practice through the clarifying of curriculum requirements and the development/improvement of HASS learning and teaching skills.”

“This was an opportunity to not only learn about HASS, but also meet my community of practice. I met many new people and networked with them for future help and guidance.”

“This presentation was filled with thought provoking ideas and research that justified and defended the place and value of HASS within the curriculum. Key components included discussion regarding the learning of ‘soft skills’, those related to team spirit, communication, social skills, a trustworthy nature, etc., and ‘hard skills’, technical skills, and their association with workplace success.”

“The conference enabled me to explore various ideas and strategies to help my students develop conceptual understanding and ‘wisdom’ to become responsible citizens of the world.”

“It is important to establish a teaching network through peers, leadership staff members or mentors. Teachers should set goals, specifically related to History Curriculum which is achievable. It is a good idea to organize and experiment variety of different assessment tasks such as, essay writing, research paper, create online resources, maps, posters to make it meaningful and educational for young people.”

“I have come away very inspired to implement many of the things that I saw and heard throughout the conference. I really enjoyed the thread that interweaved through the workshops that I attended and it seemed each workshop was able to build on from the previous one. As a direct result of this conference, I have been able to develop a history and technology unit of work based on our local Shipwrecks through Sustainable Tourism ready for term 2.”