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Humanities & Social Sciences South Australia Conference

The Humanities & Social Sciences South Australia Conference was held at UniSA Magill Campus on the 24 & 25 February 2018. Fifteen early career and country teachers were sponsored by the Teachers Registration Board to participate in the conference and they subsequently provided the Board with reports detailing their conference experience.

You can read excerpts from the conference reports below:

“Aiming for a zero-low waste conference with idea of using any accumulated waste for a workshop. Love the theme of creating a ‘fairer and healthier planet’. It inspires me to bring this to my school.”


“As a mature aged graduate and current TRT, I was particularly thrilled to have the opportunity to attend this face-to-face professional development and networking opportunity. I have often marvelled at the willingness of members of the teaching profession to share their time and resources with their colleagues.”


“The HASS Conference was one of the best conferences I have attended in the past decade. It was a wonderful blend of informative key note speakers, engaging workshops, and very enlightening excursions. I have established new email and Facebook links with several teachers and have also a list of recommended resources.”


“I would like to thank the Teachers Registration Board of South Australia very much for the opportunity to attend the HaSS conference. It has left me with a head full of ideas and inspiration. I would also like to thank the HaSS conference organisers for their effort and their welcoming attitude.”


“This was the first HaSS professional learning opportunity I have undertaken outside of my site, Whyalla High School. It was a great opportunity to meet with others who are passionate about their field of teaching. While the sessions themselves were useful, the discussions I had during breaks were particularly fruitful. Listening to other teachers discuss their contexts and activities they implement enabled me to reflect on my own practice and see areas I could further develop.”


“It wasn’t a huge conference….it was the right amount of people to create discussions without being overwhelming. There was so much I wanted to do with the students. I realized that there were elements from all workshops that were interdisciplinary and I could use it in all my teaching and learning experiences.”


“Without a doubt, my highlight was the workshop on Developing Empathy and Fairer understanding of Aboriginal people, facilitated by Christine Reid and Adele Pring. The chance to experience the timeline of Aboriginal history by participating in a role-play highlighted many gaps and misconceptions in my understanding.”


“This workshop emphasised the importance that spending time in the natural environment has in encouraging communities to understand, value and work towards sustainability. I know of at least one school and kindergarten (at which I get regular TRT work) who regularly explore their natural settings whose programs could be deepened through the resources and guidance of the NRM team. I can’t wait to use them with my own class in the future.”


“The conference was an enjoyable experience which provided hands-on learning and plenty of resources which could be used to improve teaching and learning practices. I have already started sharing information with my colleagues via our subject specific meetings and will be recommending a rubric change to the learning leaders.”


“With working in a small community in the Far North we have a lot of students from different aboriginal cultures, so some of the suggestions I can take and apply with these student families.”


“The HASS SA conference was of great value to me as an early career teacher. Critical and Creative Thinking- Sustainability with Deb Lasscock challenged my thinking and in doing so inspired me as a teacher to be challenging my students more, talking less and listening more to their ideas, wonderings and reasoning.”


“HASS- SA Conference 2018 was an excellent learning platform for teachers as it offered myriad teaching resources and enlightened all the attendees with the scope of learning HASS provides both in the classrooms and in the wider community. I am very hopeful to utilise the knowledge and skills gained…in the best way as a teacher and as a responsible member of the community.”


“Every few weeks, our staff meeting is a Learning Area meeting, which is when I will be sharing my learning from the conference. As I work at an area school, the Learning Area meetings include half of the teaching staff, so I will be able to share across different subjects.”


“I have had many opportunities to learn, to share and to be encouraged to implement new ideas in my classes and with the staff at Spalding Primary School. I truly appreciate the very positive learning and further development of my ideas to use in the classroom setting and with my peers”


“Personally I wanted to attend the Conference because I knew there is always the opportunity to be exposed to well-needed resources. I thank the Conference organisers for websites and links provided, in all areas of HASS. I thank the organisers for the beautiful meal and most of all, for providing more effective and exciting tools for my “toolbox.””