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2018 MENu SA Conference: Male Educators on the Fringe Reports

The 2018 MENu SA Conference: Male Educators on the Fringe at UniSA City West Campus on Saturday 17 February 208.

Five teachers were sponsored by the Teachers Registration Board to participate in the conference and they subsequently provided the Board with reports detailing their conference experience.

You can read excerpts conference reports below:

“Ben Jackson and Molly Rhodin were especially good speakers.  Together they presented many relatable anecdotes regarding parents and the wider community’s perception of, and reaction to, men in child care and education.”

“Hearing about the many positive effects having young children educated by males, has served to encourage my participation and guide my contribution to the wider objective which is to accelerate the growth of males in the child care sector.”

“Working as an SSO and ECW for DECD over the past nine years, I knew that males in early childhood were rare and I was interested in sharing experiences with other males who had been in similar situations as me.  Little did I know just how valuable, educational and inspiring the day was going to be!”

“The morning started with an introduction from Dr Martyn Mills-Bayne, whose energy and passion was contagious.  He started with a brief history on the advocacy of males in early childhood education, an incredibly interesting look back at how other educators had worked hard so that I can be a proud early childhood teacher today.”

“Vaughan’s research is focused on practical strategies that male educators can use to cope with the gender related challenges they face in their profession. Vaughan started his presentation with an online survey previously set up. This was great and gave all of us an understanding that we're not alone in our challenges and backgrounds.”

“By far the speaker who I gained the most insight from during the conference would have to be Doctor Vaughan Cruickshank from the University of Tasmania. Doctor Cruickshank’s research focusing on practical strategies that male educators can use to cope with gender related challenges in their profession highlighted some of the main issues that male educators face not only in ECE but across the education system.”

I was very enlightened after attending the conference. It was good to hear other men sharing their stories and giving hope that we should never have feelings of isolation in our chosen field of work. I started in childcare back in 2002, I was the only male in my class during my TAFE Diploma.”