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Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation Conference Reports

The Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation held their annual conference on 15 & 16 April at Immanuel College.

Six teachers were sponsored by the Teachers Registration Board to participate in the conference and they subsequently provided the Board with reports detailing their conference experience.

You can read excerpts from the conference reports below. Click on the names to access the full reports.

Stephen Day & Abbey Duncan

“Abbey and I found this conference and the individual sessions attended to be an extremely valuable experience. The opportunity to listen to experts in their respective fields, along with the opportunity to network and share resources with HPE teachers from all areas of the state is one that we find extremely difficult to access on a regular basis, due to our geographic location. Attending the ACHPER conference has allowed us to review our current programs, focus on our faculty priorities and has assisted us in understanding the current trends and changes in HPE.”

Zachary Mills

“Being in my first year out of university and being in a role which entails working individually to ensure Physical Education and School Sport occurs and runs to a high standard for the students to be involved has been a wonderful experience. This conference was a wonderful way to meet Physical Education teachers who are either in a similar role or who have been in the role for a long time.

The sessions that I went to affirmed that what I am doing and the path that I’m taking is correct and the best way to develop students into physically active people for life who enjoy sports, recreation and the outdoors!”

Kylie Newbold

“I reported my new learning back to staff at Parkside Primary via a Staff Meeting Presentation. I shared new learning with parents via my PE overview I provide each term. I have implemented Physical Literacy learning and the new 24 Movement Guidelines as part of my learning with all classes this term. I also shared this with parents. We have conducted Physical Activity Audits with different age groups through the school. I have successfully planned an Inquiry unit with a colleague and now we are teaching together for 2 lessons a week.”

Lauren Semmens

“There were a large number of engaging and insightful workshops presented across the two days. I attended two sessions that focussed on the new Physical Education SACE curriculum. The first was around evidence collection and the second, a benchmarking session. Each of these sessions was invaluable in reinforcing many of my thoughts on the implementation of the new SACE at our school. There are many tools available for evidence collection and it is important that we consider opportunities to collect both qualitative and quantitative data in our programs. I have already presented some of the ideas presented by the leaders and other workshop attendees with my own faculty, so that we can discuss the suitability in our own context. The benchmarking session allowed for fantastic, in depth conversations around what the standards should actually look like when critiquing student work.”

Chloe Virgin

“This annual event is one of the very few conferences that places such an important emphasis on HPE as a subject area and the work that HPE educators do. However, as a classroom teacher, it was the ability to shape the conference to suit individual needs that enticed me to go. I was able to choose a variety of PE and wellbeing sessions to suit my context. An added bonus was the networking opportunities that a conference of this scale provides. There were many highlights at the conference, which I find is often too rare at many PD events. The key note speakers were inspiring and interesting.”