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Geography Teachers Association Conference

The 2019 Geography Teachers Association of SA Conference was held at the Education Development Centre on 3 & 4 June 2019.

The teachers who were sponsored by the Teachers Registration Board to participate in the conference have provided the Board with reports detailing their conference experience.




Read excerpts from the conference reports below or click on a name to read the full report.

Belinda Rosser

“As a TRT it is often difficult (read expensive) to access quality professional development opportunities. There were many interesting topics offered and I had to make some difficult choices. As I have been a TRT for four years I felt I needed to update my technology skills so most of my choices related to technology.

I have already talked to two geography teachers and passed on the links from Contour Education. My own learning is continuing as I try to use some of the techniques, technology and knowledge gleaned. I do hope that I get the opportunity to share this with students in the near future.”

Gemma Bateman

“The conference was immensely powerful as a knowledge-sharing opportunity. For example, I would not have been aware of the work of Contour Education had I not attended the masterclass. And within the masterclass itself, the number of important links to resources will greatly assist my efforts to provide a useful and relevant curriculum to learners. I hope to share knowledge through conversation, unit planning ideas and providing links to experiences and information from all of the speakers and presenters.”

Laura Conley

“Applying for the GTASA conference scholarship has been one of the most rewarding experiences I was fortunate enough to be involved with this year. It has allowed me to critically consider how to make improvements in my own teaching by listening to the presenters and seminar organisers alongside the discussions had with experienced Geography teachers. Moreover, I am enthusiastic to see where the larger contributions to the school site can take me, and the opportunity this may bring to senior classes of Geography at Blackwood in the future.”

Nathan Rohrlach

“Other than the keynote address, the first day was split into another three sessions. I attended two sessions which related directly to the teaching of SACE Geography. The other session dealt with essential geographical skills for middle school students. All of the sessions were extremely beneficial not only for my personal teaching but also for my wider school.”

“The first of these three sessions related to the teaching of mapping skills to senior geography students. The session was unbelievably helpful to me as it addressed how to teach this deeper application of simple mapping skills. I have already taken this new knowledge back into the classroom and have been teaching these new necessary skills to my geography class."

Tasma Jeffries

“I intend to share my newfound knowledge and understanding with colleagues and staff. To make a meaningful contribution to my colleagues, I aim to share my learning from the GTASA Conference through general professional conversations and through more formal channels, including adding a Word Document resource to our staff sharing drive, uploading an iMovie file detailing key spatial technologies accompanied by instructions regarding usage and relevance to curriculum, and during Professional Learning Community(PLC) meetings. The PLC I am currently involved in focuses on developing an interdisciplinary project for Year 7 students, merging English, Maths, Science and Geography into a project-based learning experience.”

Samuel Cooper

“Overall, this workshop was not only beneficial for the teaching of Geography, but also in the teaching of other subject areas, as it highlighted the importance of defining each subject as well as the importance of providing opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and skills from these separate subject areas to a real-world example.

As an early career teacher, the GTASA Conference 2019 was an educational and worthwhile experience. It provided great opportunities to engage with professional teaching networks and professional learning, as well as an opportunity to improve my professional practice in teaching Geography.”