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Music Teachers of SA Conference - Sponsored Teacher Conference Reports

The Music Teachers Association of SA held its summer conference at the University of Adelaide on 22 & 23  January 2020.

Ten teachers were sponsored by the Teachers Registration Board to participate in the conference and they subsequently provided the Board with reports detailing their conference experience.

You can read excerpts from the conference reports below. To read a whole report, please click on the name of the teacher.

Bronwyn Smith

The resource ideas incorporated over the two days were inspiring and have had a large impact on my teaching and I believe my students learning. The beginner piano students loved the ladybirds and the class rave about using chopsticks to learn rhythms such as ‘Nothing ever good, can be done, without enthusiasm’.

Lesley Beale

The actor trainer was the most enjoyable session in which he demonstrated how to be grounded and secure in able to perform authentically. I intend to use this protocol to train my students but have yet to incorporate this into my teaching. The online teaching session had been invaluable at the time it did not seem like something I would embrace, however in the last two weeks this has been an invaluable skill to continue teaching in the current work health crisis.

Angela Boman

After the conference was over, I started strategizing and implementing all the wonderful ideas from speakers into my lessons. I am incorporating and communicating more with my peers and parents of my students to help the students become better learners with whole-body learning and not just sitting at the piano. I am aiming to have effective teaching adapted towards each student’s needs and abilities.

Ruth Galpin

It was, for me, interesting on many different levels and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It refreshed aspects of my teaching, offered new knowledge and understanding, gave me an opportunity to hear about and view new resources, and allowed me to connect and network with other teachers. I aim to incorporate relevant methods, techniques, ideas, and resources into my classroom music teaching, small group, and individual teaching wherever possible and pass on ideas and learning that I feel would be relevant to my colleagues informally and through discussion in our weekly Professional Learning Group when possible.

Masako Kondo

Theme: Beyond the instrument: musicianship in private lessons
The highlight for me was to be able to hear varieties of presentations. It is very rare to be able to have many presenters gather in one place to give different perspectives on one theme topic. MTASA choose a very good topic as it is a very important part of music lessons, but it is easy to be missed amongst all the other things we need to do during the lessons. MTASA gathered high standard presenters from different backgrounds, who also had a very different style of approach.

Rodney Smith

Conversations amongst MTASA members during breaks and afterward have demonstrated that they are very willing to explore these avenues using some of the tools provided during the conference. The writer felt vindicated in his views and empowered to further promote these broad approaches in his own teaching.

Celine Beaton-Smith

Susan Head was once a classroom teacher also and trained in many of the classroom music special methods such as the Carl Orff, Zoltan Kodaly, Jacques Dalcroze approaches. Like me, she now teachers quite a lot of piano pupils one-to-one and so has insights into how to get these pupils some feeling for good classroom music activities but in a much smaller space and without the incentive of having their class friends around.

Samantha Penny

As I am keenly interested in business practices, holding a Bachelor of Commerce, Pete as a businessman, entrepreneur and small business owner had many things to say that aligned with my interests and areas where I could move forward. Marketing was a big factor ie branding and the way we present ourselves as professionals. I was challenged to think about how I present myself online and in person, and content that I create on my business page that is relevant and informative for families. 

Robert Brown

Two days of informative sessions, with lots of ideas to discuss with professional colleagues and to incorporate into my teaching.  As Editor of SA Music Teacher (Magazine of the Music Teachers’ Association of SA), there will be a focus on the 2020 Summer Conference in the Winter 2020 issue.

Alan Aungles

Alison Yap-Smart Learning and Musicianship
What I found especially helpful about this session was Alison’s clear and well-proven hierarchy of learning a musical instrument that helped reinforce training and development I have been doing for 30 years. She clearly showed the importance of tone, finger technique, articulation, rhythm, time signatures tempo, and phrasing texture.