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Evidence of Professional Learning

You are required to keep some form of evidence at the completion of each professional learning activity. This item must demonstrate that you actually participated in the learning activity.

You will need to state the kind of evidence you have retained in the relevant section of your Professional Learning Summary Record. If you are audited you will be asked to provide your Professional Learning Summary Record.

Please do not submit your actual pieces of evidence to the Board unless specifically requested. You should retain your evidence for at least 12 months after the date your renewal of registration is finalised.

Examples of evidence you could keep

  • Certificates
  • Study transcripts
  • Handwritten notes
  • Learning journal
  • Diary entry/reflection
  • Attendance record
  • Receipt/booking confirmation
  • Annotated resources.

Please see the examples of learning activities listed on the Types of Professional Learning page for more ideas about the kinds of evidence you could keep.

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions and other pages in the Professional Learning menu for further information.