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Professional Learning Resources

The resources on this page are a good starting point to help you find professional learning opportunities. This list should not be considered exhaustive and you are encouraged to take ownership of your learning by seeking out further activities that are both interesting and relevant to your specific circumstances.

Please note that the resources on this page are suggestions only, they are not endorsed by the Board, and not all of them may be relevant or accessible to your teaching context. If you have any questions about a specific professional learning activity you should contact the provider for more information.

Teachers Registration Board of South Australia

From time to time the Board offers professional learning such as the annual conference and workshops about your professional responsibilities. Information about events will be communicated to you by email. A range of upcoming professional learning opportunities are published via the following:

SA Employing Authorities

If you are employed in one (or more) of the following sectors, there may be further resources available in addition to any professional learning opportunities already offered at your school/site.

Professional Associations

Educators SA, formally known as CEASA, is a community of 15 000 educators who are members of one of their 59 educator professional associations. These professional associations are for teachers of specific learning cohorts, content areas/specialisations, and other aspects of the profession such as school leadership and early career educators. Browse their associations on the Educators SA website.

Are you an Early Career Educator?
Create ideas, ask questions and seek support in an encouraging collaborative community in the Early Career Educator Hub.

Higher Education Institutions

The following South Australian higher education providers offer postgraduate study programs as well as public lectures, workshops and conferences on a range of topics.

Early Childhood Teacher

Other Organisations


SA Teacher Unions



Please note training offered by the SA teacher unions may only be available to current members.

Online Resources


There are many more websites like the ones listed above – try Googling a teaching topic you are interested in learning more about.

Social Media

Social media sites are virtual places where teachers can network, share resources including professional learning opportunities, and engage in discussions about teaching. Here are a few examples of Facebook pages and groups run for or by teachers:

Your Community

  • Your local library can be a great resource for accessing free professional reading. In addition to books, DVDs, and other resources many libraries have free internet and computing facilities and may offer online resources such as training modules and subscriptions to academic journals or databases.
  • Check with your local council for any events available to community members in your area e.g. computer and portable device training.
  • Network with other teachers to share professional learning opportunities. If you are a TRT, check if a host school/site has room for you to attend their professional learning activities  – the answer won’t always be ‘yes’ but it is worth asking.