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Recording Professional Learning

For each professional learning activity undertaken you must record the following information in the My Professional Learning History Tool on the Teachers Portal:

  • title and type of professional learning – the title and a brief description of the activity
  • starting date and completion date - the date(s) on/over which you complete the activity
  • total hours - how much time you committed to the activity
  • evidence held - the type of evidence you have retained for the completion of this activity
  • Standards - which of the APST align to the learning activity
  • connection to the Standards - a brief description, in your own words, of how you have made a connection to the selected Standard/s.

A number of renewal applications will be randomly selected for audit following the renewal process. If you are audited, you will be asked to ensure that your professional learning history is up-to-date on the Teachers Portal.

Points to Remember

  • Do not use acronyms, vague descriptions or list the APST focus area descriptors.
  • Assume that the person reading your professional learning history does not know the teaching context or the professional learning activity.
  • Specify how each learning activity was relevant to the selected APST and your professional growth as a teacher.
  • Professional learning is not professional practice so do not include your day-to-day work, such as parent teacher nights, attendance at camps.).

For recording purposes, select only the most relevant APST as this will assist when explaining the connection to the Standard in your own words.

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Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions and other pages in the Professional Learning menu for further information.