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Issue 6, November 2014
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The International Forum of Teacher Regulatory Authorities (IFTRA)
International delegates ranging from countries in Africa, the United Kingdom, North America and Australasia met in early November to discuss mutual issues and challenges related to the regulation and promotion of the teaching profession. 
Hosted by the Ontario College of Teachers, topics ranged from “Teacher Mobility” and the challenges relating to reciprocity and mutual recognition as teachers sought to work in a wide range of international jurisdictions, to “Ongoing Professional Competence” by exploring pathways into teaching and defining professional competence.
By establishing these international networks, the Teachers Registration Board of South Australia is better able to benchmark itself against the best of international practice and develop the networks that assist teachers from South Australia working in a range of international countries and for us to be able to facilitate the movement of those international teachers seeking to work in South Australia.
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TALIS 2013 – how does Australia compare?

The Australian Council of Education Research released their report on Australian responses to the Teaching and Learning in Schools Survey (TALIS) 2013. TALIS is an international survey programme that focuses on the working conditions of teachers in schools.

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