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Issue 8, January 2015
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A new school year – is it your first?
Start of a new school year
With the New Year upon us, many experienced teachers will be thinking and planning for their return to school later this month. For newly graduated teachers, this is a particularly exciting and anxious time – the anticipation of finally getting to teach is such a thrill!
The Early Career Teacher Resilience research project offers their framework and stories of resilience from teachers in SA and WA. 
Ellen Moir (New Teacher Center, United States) offers some interesting insights and an inspiring story of a new teacher’s journey.
If you are mentoring a new teacher this year, these articles can really help contextualise what your mentee is going through. If you’re a new teacher, we’d love to hear how your first year of teaching starts off.
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Have you changed your contact details?

Starting at a new school this year? Moved houses over the holidays?

The end of year break can be a busy time and it’s easy to forget about notifying the Board of your new address or email. If you have changed your contact details, let us know to ensure that you don’t miss out on any alerts or correspondence.

EdFest 2015 – 27/01/2015

Featuring a range of presenters, Edfest 2015 will be an online event targeted at Australian teachers to encourage professional dialogue around implementation of the Australian Curriculum, using contemporary models for learning.

EdFest 2015 will be broadcast on 27 January 2015 via Google+ hangout to Air, Twitter #edfest15 and embedded in Scootle Lounge.

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