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Issue 9, January 2015
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Recognising your professional growth!
Transition from Provisional to full Registration
Do you hold Provisional Registration and have you completed 200 days of teaching service in the last five years?
If so, you can begin the process to apply to transition from Provisional to (full) Registration.
Transitioning to (full) Registration is a collaborative process between you and an evaluator that formalises your achievement of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the proficient career stage.
So, whether you’re in the early years of your career or you’re an experienced teacher, if you hold Provisional Registration, check out our new guide to transitioning on our website.
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Celebrating Australia Day in your classroom

On Australia Day, we come together as a nation to celebrate what’s great about Australia and being Australian.

The National Australia Day Council provides a range of Australia Day themed education resources that you can use in your classroom. 

Renewal of Registration 2014

As of 20 January 2015, we have processed over 12,800 renewal applications. If you are looking to teach this year and you haven’t renewed your registration yet, you can still access your application through the Teachers’ Portal. Renewal applications must be received as soon as possible before 31 January 2015.

Read more about renewal of registration…

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When does your registration expire?

Check your registration expiry date on our Register of Teachers

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