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Timeframe for (full) Registration and the Extended Transition Process

Provisionally registered teachers have one five-year term of registration in which to complete the required satisfactory teaching service to transition to (full) Registration.

For clarification of your registration status please contact the Board.

Initial Grant of Provisional Registration

When a teacher is initially granted Provisional Registration, the term of registration is for five years.

It is an expectation that all provisionally registered teachers will transition to (full) Registration within the five-year registration term. However, the Board acknowledges that there may be exceptional cases that warrant the exercise of its discretion to depart from policies and practices.

Examples of when the Board’s discretion may be used include where teachers are:

•    unable to gain regular employment as a teacher, such as those who are working on a temporary, casual or part-time basis

•    in remote areas or across different settings

•    on extended leave, or unable to work due to illness or disability.

The manner in which the Board may exercise its discretion will also depend on the circumstances unique to an individual.

Extended Transition Process

Should a teacher not attain (full) Registration within their five-year term of Provisional Registration they will need to make a new application for Provisional Registration under an extended transition process.

As part of their application, the teacher will be required to provide an explanation as to why they have not complied with the condition of their five-year Provisional Registration to meet the requirements for (full) Registration.

Teachers making a new application for Provisional Registration under this extended transition process must meet legislative and Board requirements including 100 hours of professional learning referenced against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Further, teaching experience remains current for five years only.

Teachers under this process should not expect that their applications for provisional registration will be approved as a matter of course.

The Board will consider the individual merits of each application under the extended transition process to determine whether or not to grant extra time. The Board will look at the efforts taken by a teacher to attain the experience and/or requirements for (full) Registration during their five-year term of provisional registration, together with any explanations as to why the teacher has been unable to successfully transition to (full) Registration.

In some circumstances, an application will be placed before a sub-committee of the Board for hearing and determination.  In such circumstances, the teacher is entitled to appear before the Board and make submissions.

Should the Board determine to grant a teacher provisional registration, it will be an expressed condition of that grant that the teacher acquire the necessary experience and/or requirements to move to (full) Registration. The Board may, in its discretion, set further conditions to ensure that this is achieved.