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Accreditation of Initial Teacher Education Programs

The Teachers Registration Board of South Australia (the Board) is responsible for the accreditation of all initial teacher education programs offered by South Australian higher education institutions (providers) for the purposes of registration, and for regulating the teaching profession in SA.

Accreditation in South Australia is part of a nationally consistent approach which reflects high expectations of initial teacher education that aims to ensure all graduates are prepared to a high standard and gain the knowledge, skills, and experiences required to make a positive impact on students’/children’s learning.

A nationally consistent approach to the accreditation of initial teacher education programs was first agreed to in 2011 by the Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs (MCEECDYA) and implementation began from 2012. The Teacher Education Ministerial Advisory Group (TEMAG) was established in 2014 to provide advice on the preparation of teachers in Australia and reported their recommendations in Action now: classroom-ready teachers

During 2018, the accreditation standards and procedures were reviewed. The Board uses the Accreditation of initial teacher education programs in Australia – Standards and Procedures September 2018, as agreed by Education Ministers, as an overarching guideline to accredit programs including new and existing initial teacher education programs. 

The Board has developed an Initial Teacher Education Program Accreditation Policy which outlines the South Australian context in the nationally consistent accreditation process.

There is a transition period for implementation of the revised Standards and Procedures in all Australian jurisdictions. The Board works with South Australian teacher education providers to implement the revised national approach. The Board supports the work of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership, (AITSL), in the development of supplementary materials to support the implementation of the Standards and Procedures.

Further information can be found on the AITSL website.

The Board will progressively update information relating to national accreditation as it becomes available.

Elements of National Accreditation

There are three key elements of the National Initial Teacher Education Accreditation process. 

  1. The Graduate Teacher Standards
  2. The Program Standards
  3. The Accreditation Procedures

South Australian Providers of Initial Teacher Education Programs

There are four accredited providers of Initial Teacher Education programs in South Australia:-

Accredited Initial Teacher Education Programs

A full list of accredited Initial Teacher Education programs delivered across Australia is maintained by AITSL.

They can also be found in the SATAC Guides.

Australian Professional Standards - Graduate Career Stage

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers underpin the national approach to the accreditation of initial teacher education programs. Providers need to show how their graduates meet the Standards in order for their programs to be accredited.

In the accreditation process, the Teachers Registration Board and all other Australian regulatory authorities use the Standards and Procedures, September 2018 which incorporates the Graduate Teacher Standards as one of the key elements

For further information or to download a copy of the Standards at the Graduate career stage visit

Communicating with and Supporting Teacher Education Providers

The Registrar and officers of the Board regularly meet with the Deans of Education and key staff from the four providers of initial teacher education in South Australia.  At these meetings, participants share information and work together to explore a range of issues relevant to teacher education, program accreditation, and registration.

The Board has developed positive, productive relationships with teacher education providers in South Australia.  Project officers from the Teachers Registration Board work collaboratively with providers  in a range of ways, for example;

  • to clarify the legislated requirements of registration in South Australia
  • to assist in developing an understanding of the requirements for accreditation of programs
  • to explore issues and answer queries
  • to provide support in the preparation of program submissions by having preliminary discussions regarding documentation prior to submission.

Support for initial teacher education students

Officers of the Board visit each South Australian initial teacher education institution to talk to students about the role and functions of the Teachers Registration Board and provide information about the process of applying for teacher registration in South Australia. Also discussed are the responsibilities teachers have as members of the profession and what this means for graduates who are about to enter the profession.

Students have the opportunity to ask questions and officers will speak with students individually about their specific queries, follow up on issues and get back to students with further information where necessary.