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The Board

Board Membership

Board Membership

The following persons were appointed by the Governor from 31 March 2017 until 30 March 2020 pursuant to Section 9 of the Teachers Registration and Standards Act 2004:

Name, Position

Nominated by

Dr Jane Dianne Lomax-Smith, Presiding Member

Minister for Education

Mardi Barry, Member
Leona Graham, Deputy Member

Department for Education

Belinda Radcliffe, Member
Melissa White, Deputy Member

Department for Education

Robert Woodbury, Member
Peter Ryan, Deputy Member

Australian Education Union (SA)

Colleen Tomlian, Member
Geeta Verma, Deputy Member

Australian Education Union (SA)

David Coulter, Member
Marian Nayda, Deputy Member

Australian Education Union (SA)

Patricia Cavanagh, Member
Karen Roberts, Deputy Member

Australian Education Union (SA)

Joanne Hill, Member 
Shoma Roy, Deputy Member

Australian Education Union (SA)

Lynda Macleod, Member
Meredith Beck, Deputy Member

Association of Independent Schools of South Australia

Bruno Vieceli, Member
Michael Kenny, Deputy Member

Catholic Education Office

David Freeman, Member
Anthony Haskell, Deputy Member

Independent Education Union (SA)

Bernadine Bourne, Member
Michael Francis, Deputy Member

Independent Education Union (SA)

Julie Clark, Member
Graham Hardy, Deputy Member

Universities of the State

Ksharmra Brandon, Member
Ian Lamb, Deputy Member

Department for Education

Kate Cameron, Member
Monique Russell, Deputy Member

Minister for Education

Fiona Brady, Member
David Caruso, Deputy Member
Ian Maitland, Deputy Member (temporary)

Minister for Education


The Board meets on a monthly basis.

Standing Committees

To enable specific matters to be dealt with in an efficient and effective manner, the Board has established four standing committees. Members may be co-opted to these Committees as appropriate. A range of matters are referred to these committees for discussion and to develop proposals and recommendations for resolution by the Board. Executive support to all standing committees is provided by the staff of the Board.

Teacher Education and Professional Issues (TEPI) - considers a broad range of educational and professional issues including the development of professional teaching standards.

Publicity – develops general communication strategies relating to a range of issues including the promotion of the teaching profession, the website and the publication of the annual Newsletter.

Admissions – develops policy proposals and considers non-standard applications relating to admission to the Register of Teachers.

Audit and Risk Committee - provides assurance and assistance to the Board on risk, control and compliance frameworks and for the accurate financial reporting and performance of the Authority. 


The Board delegates the determination of matters pursuant to Part 5 (admissions to the Register) and Part 7 (whether conduct constitutes proper cause for disciplinary action or whether a teacher's capacity to teach is seriously impaired by an illness or disability affecting the person's behaviour or competence as a teacher) to a sub-committee. This sub-committee is comprised of not less than three members of the Board including a member who is a legal practitioner and a member who is a practising teacher. A decision is made on behalf of the Board and is binding on the Board.

Ad-Hoc Panels

Ad hoc panels are formed by the Board from time to time to consider or make recommendations on specific issues. For example, a sub-committee may convene a panel to assess initial teacher education programs and make recommendations for determination by the Board.