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Code of Ethics

A function of the Teachers Registration Board is to promote the teaching profession and professional standards for teachers. The Code of Ethics was developed after wide consultation with the teaching profession during 2005 and 2006.

The Code of Ethics is not intended as an instrument of compliance but as a framework to assist teachers to reflect on decision making and ethical issues. It articulates the three core values South Australian teachers highlighted as underpinning the teaching profession; integrity, respect, and responsibility.

The Board acknowledges the ethical principles expressed in the Code of Ethics already guide the practice and conduct of the teaching profession in South Australia. However a Code of Ethics is a public statement by the profession articulating its ethical principles and how these principles will be applied to promote the highest standards. As such, the Code of Ethics will further promote public confidence in the teaching profession.

The teaching profession's experiences and reflections in using the Code of Ethics will guide the board in reviewing the principles. It is hoped the Code of Ethics will assist members of the teaching profession with the decisions they make on a daily basis.

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