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Employment Information

Once you are registered with the Teachers Registration Board you can be employed as a teacher in South Australian schools, pre-schools, and prescribed services. Teachers are not employed by the Board, so if you have any questions about working as a teacher you should direct them to the relevant employing authority or union group as outlined below.

There are three major employing authorities for teachers in South Australia:

Department for Education 

The Department for Education is responsible for the employment of teaching and non-teaching staff in all South Australian government (public) schools.

Office Location: 31 Flinders Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Postal Address: GPO Box 1152, Adelaide SA 5001


Phone (General): +61 8 8226 1000
Phone (Employment):  +61 8 8226 1356

Email (General):
Email (Employment):

Catholic Education South Australia (CESA)

CESA is responsible for the employment of teaching and non-teaching staff in Catholic non-government schools in South Australia.

Office Location: 116 George Street, Thebarton SA 5031

Postal Address: PO Box 179, Torrensville Plaza SA 5031


Phone: +61 8 8301 6600


Association of Independent Schools of South Australia (AISSA)

AISSA is not an employer of teachers but can provide Human Resources advice and assistance for other non-government schools in South Australia.

Address: 301 Unley Road, Malvern SA 5061


Phone: +61 8 8179 1400


Alternatively, you may like to discuss employment requirements with a specific school or site.


Questions for Your Prospective Employer

Employers may have requirements for teachers in addition to those for gaining registration, and these can vary between sites or roles. To find out about these, or for other work-related queries, you will need to check with the employer. This includes:

Pay, remuneration levels, and entitlements

These queries should be directed to your Human Resources or Payroll officer/department.

Applying for teaching positions or working as a Temporary Relief Teacher (TRT)

Check the application process with the relevant employing authority. You can visit their websites (above) for information about applicant requirements and to find vacancies.

NB: Authority to Teach letters are issued by the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) and are specific to employment as a teacher in the government sector. Please refer any queries about the Authority to Teach letter or the online Employable Teacher Register (ETR) application to DECD.

First Aid training requirements

This is not a requirement for teacher registration. You should check with an employer about the type of training you need to complete and how often it is required.

Mandatory Notification Training requirements for employment

The Board has Mandatory Notification Training requirements for registration, but you should check if an employer has their own e.g. ‘Child Safe Environments: Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect’ is acceptable for teacher registration, but some employers do not recognise this type of training.

Whether you are able to teach a specific subject or age group

The Board determines whether you meet the requirements to be registered as a teacher. Your registration is not specific to teaching particular age groups or subjects. You should check with an employer if they would consider your qualifications and/or experience suitable.

Additional criminal history screening checks

The Board conducts fitness and probity checks, including a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check, for the purpose of teacher registration. The Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check is undertaken electronically and no documentation is produced. Therefore, we cannot provide a copy of the outcome to you. The date of the check is printed on your Certificate of Teacher Registration and it is valid until the expiry date of your registration.

It is a matter of policy for employers and organisations if they wish to accept proof of current teacher registration in lieu of other screening requirements. The Board has no control over any such policies. You can check screening requirements with the relevant employer or organisation.

NB: The Board does not conduct Department of Human Services (DHS) Child Related Employment Screening. Please check with the relevant employer or organisation if you need this screening. Queries about Child Related Employment Screening can be directed to the DHS Screening Unit


Teacher Unions

For information about union services, support, and representation for teachers in South Australia please refer to the following:

Australian Education Union, SA Branch

Represents staff in government (public) schools and sites.

Address: 163 Greenhill Road, Parkside SA 5063


Phone: +61 8 8272 1399


Independent Education Union, SA Branch

Represents staff in non-government (private) schools and sites.

Address: 213 Currie Street, Adelaide SA 5000


Phone: +61 8 8410 0122

Email: via contact form on website


Non-Teaching Roles

The Teachers Registration Board regulates the teaching profession. If you have queries about non-teaching roles you should refer them to an employer or relevant organisation.

This includes:

  • ancillary and school or student support roles (e.g. SSO, hourly-paid instructor)
  • tertiary, adult, or vocational education lecturing and tutoring (e.g. University, TAFE)
  • roles in a child care centre/long daycare other than the early childhood teacher (e.g. early childhood educator, early childhood worker)
  • additional roles undertaken while practicing as a teacher (e.g. counsellor, sports coach)
  • private or group tutoring
  • education and school administration
  • volunteering at schools and sites.