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Role of the Evaluator and/or Professional Leader

After you have completed one year of full-time (or the part-time equivalent of 200 days) satisfactory teaching service within the last five years, an appropriate evaluator can recommend you for (full) Registration.

An appropriate evaluator is a person at your site who:

  • holds (full) registration for the whole of the evaluation period;
  • is in a line-management role to your teaching position e.g. direct line-manager or a person in leadership;
  • has sufficient familiarity with your teaching practice to make a holistic judgement about your eligibility for (full) registration;
  • is willing to support you through the evaluation process; and
  • has no conflict of interest (real or perceived) in connection with your application.

If you are a temporary relief teacher (TRT) it is recommended that you complete the evaluation in a site where you work regularly. It is suggested that you establish a rapport with an appropriate person at that site e.g. Coordinator, Assistant Principal, Deputy Principal to negotiate a process.

Evaluator’s Recommendation for (full) Registration

You will need to share multiple forms of evidence with your evaluator to demonstrate how you have met the Proficient level in the seven Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST). It is expected your evaluator has sufficient familiarity with the APST and has made observations of your teaching practice to be able to undertake this process.

Your evaluator will make a summative judgement about the evidence you share with them and indicate on the application form  whether they are satisfied that you are working at the Proficient level in each of the APST. They will also need to complete the section stating whether or not they recommend that you should be granted (full) Registration status.

Refer to Evidence of Meeting the Proficient Level for further information.

Important: You can commence the process of sharing evidence at any time, but the evaluator’s recommendation for (full) Registration cannot be made until you have completed at least one year of full-time (or the part-time equivalent of 200 days) satisfactory teaching service within the last five years.

Should you not be recommended for (full) Registration you may need more time to complete the process. However, if you still wish to submit the application you, your evaluator and/or site leader will need to attach written explanations in sealed envelopes marked “Private and Confidential” addressed to the Registrar with the application. The decision to grant (full) Registration ultimately rests with the Board.

Role of Professional Leader

The application must be counter-signed by a professional leader with direct responsibility for teachers at the site:

  • Principal
  • Deputy Principal
  • Campus Leader
  • Head of School e.g. Junior School Principal
  • Director (of a pre-school or long day care service).

If your evaluator does not hold one of the above titles, then your application must be counter-signed by one of them. Check with your Principal/Director for the process at your site.

The professional leader is:

  • endorsing the evaluator’s recommendation to transition to (full) Registration; and
  • acknowledging that the teacher has undertaken a process with their evaluator, including observations of their teaching practice and the sharing of evidence to demonstrate that they have met the seven Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the Proficient career level.

You must submit your completed application to the Board within six months of the date it is signed by your evaluator and/or professional leader. If your application does not meet this requirement it will be returned to you, and you will need to complete a new application.