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Evidence of Meeting the Proficient Level

You will need to share evidence with your evaluator that demonstrates how you are working at the Proficient level in each of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST). This could include:

  • planning and programming documentation
  • resources modified to suit a range of learning needs (differentiation)
  • annotated samples of students’/children’s work over a period of time
  • performance development processes
  • reflections on the impact your professional learning has on your teaching
  • collaborations and communications with parents, carers, and the community
  • professional observations and collaborations with colleagues.

The process must include the evaluator’s observations of your teaching practice and evidence of students’/children’s learning. Observations can be supported by the AITSL resource The Classroom Practice Continuum. The Classroom Practice Continuum brings the APST to life by building out the Professional Practice Domain and articulating what teachers at increasing levels of expertise do in the classroom.

There are many more examples in the Documentary Evidence Examples: Proficient Teachers resource on the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL)

You can start gathering your evidence at any time once you begin teaching. You should collect multiple pieces of evidence for each of the APST, but can also use one item as evidence for several of the APST.

It is highly recommended that you complete the Summary Record of Evidence document during the evaluation process.

Sharing Evidence with an Evaluator

To be recommended for (full) Registration your evaluator must be satisfied that you meet the Proficient level of all seven APST and must be fully registered for your evaluation period.

It is up to you, as the applicant, to take professional responsibility for the process.  Therefore, you should discuss with your evaluator what types of evidence may be required, how much information you should provide, and how you will be sharing your evidence (e.g. hard-copy documents, e-portfolio, professional discussions and observations).

Please note: Although there are 37 focus area descriptors listed within the APST you are not required to have a specific piece of evidence for each focus area. The focus areas are there to clarify and unpack each Standard as a whole. Your evaluator needs to make an on-balanced judgment about your capacity to meet the Standards at the Proficient career stage appropriate to your teaching context.