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Five-Year Term: First Teachers Registered

The Teachers Registration Board this week welcomes the first teachers to be registered for a five-year term in South Australia.

The new five-year registration term brings SA into line with most other jurisdictions and affords teachers greater flexibility in how their registration fees are paid. The new regulations and amended legislation also include strengthened child safety measures and expanded opportunities for the Board to promote and facilitate quality teaching and leadership in the profession.

Following a comprehensive consultation process, the amendments to the Teachers Registration and Standards Act 2004 were passed through Parliament last year and have now commenced.

American Amy Ko, who moved to Adelaide last year, is among the first to be granted registration for a five-year term in South Australia. Education Minister John Gardner and TRB Presiding Member Dr Jane Lomax-Smith presented Ms Ko with her certificate earlier this week.

Ms Ko says she is excited to gain Teacher Registration and get back into the classroom when she begins a new role next term after teaching science in California since 2014.

“I majored in sciences and learning about science was always exciting and fun – doing experiments and learning how everything connects. I like to help others to make that connection as well. I figure if I want to help people learn, teaching is the best way.”

Other changes to the legislation included the composition of the new board. The number of members has decreased from 16 to 14 and early childhood representation is now a requirement.

You can find out more about the changes here.