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Maintenance of Proficiency of Professional Practice

Maintenance of proficiency of professional practice for renewal of (full) Registration

For the purpose of renewal of (full) Registration, maintenance of proficiency of professional practice is directly linked with professional learning and professional practice. Teachers who undertake the minimum of 60 days practice (as defined) and 60 hours of Standards-referenced professional learning within their term of registration will have met the maintenance of proficiency requirement.

Teachers who are not able to meet the professional practice requirement, that is undertake 60 full-time equivalent days employment as a teacher, principal or director at a school or prescribed service under Part 5 of the Act within their 3 year term of registration will not be required to meet maintenance of proficiency of professional practice (Directors in Long Day Care and Out of School Hours Care services are exempt). 

Standards-referenced professional learning + professional practice = Maintenance of proficiency.

For further information about the new requirements for renewal of registration, please contact the Board on +61 8226 2666 or email the Board at