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Making a Complaint

To make a notification to the Teachers Registration Board (the Board) regarding the conduct or capacity of a registered teacher you will be required to submit a written report under confidential cover addressed to the Registrar identifying the teacher against whom the complaint is made and any information regarding the nature and circumstances of the complaint. Any relevant documentation containing supporting evidence should also be include.

Pursuant to sections 24, 37 and 39 of the Act there is a requirement on the teacher and the employer of teachers to report certain matters to the TRB. Refer to Obligation to Report for further information.

Following receipt of a written complaint the Registrar or a member of the Investigation Unit will confirm receipt of the information and may ask you to provide further information pursuant to section 34 of the Teachers Registration and Standards Act 2004 (the Act), if required.

Initial enquiries regarding complaints can be made via telephone +61 8 8226 5984, however you will be asked to submit a formal written complaint if it is determined that your complaint has merit.

Information Sheet - Complaints can be used as a guide to determine whether or not your complaint is relevant for the TRB to deal with and falls within the provisions of the Act.

Persons wishing to lodge a formal written compliant to the Registrar are advised to use the Complaint Form to ensure all relevant information required to enable a proper assessment of the complaint is provided. Alternatively a person may provide a letter of complaint detailing the allegations and attach all relevant information.

Please forward written complaints marked "Private & Confidential" to:

The Registrar
Teachers Registration Board of South Australia
PO Box 3649