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Education Minister John Gardner Visits TRB

Teachers Registration Board members welcomed Education Minister John Gardner this morning (Friday, August 27) ahead of the new board’s second official meeting.

Minister Gardner spoke to the board about the opportunities and challenges within teacher registration and the broader education sector.

The 14 board members, who were appointed in July, bring experience from across the SA education sectors and include six practicing teachers and parent representation. They will oversee an exciting raft of changes to Teacher Registration in South Australia, which form part of amendments to legislation and regulations that took effect from July 1 this year.

The changes include:
• Development of a Code of Conduct, in consultation with stakeholders, outlining the professional and personal behaviour and professional competence expected of teachers and Special Authority holders.

• Recognising Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers through the recording of a teacher’s HALT status on the Register of Teachers and certificates of registration.

• Increasing support to the teaching profession through the assessment and accreditation of Initial Teacher Education programs and the commissioning of research and data collection.

• Strengthening child safety measures to ensure the welfare and best interests of children are the paramount considerations of the Board. A new registration condition clarifies teachers’ obligation to notify the Board if they are dismissed or resign in response to allegations of incompetence.

• Moving to a five-year registration term, instead of the current three-year terms, and offering a choice of paying fees upfront or annually when teachers next apply/renew.

• Requiring Special Authority to Teach holders to meet the same rigorous obligations as registered teachers, including notifying the Board of events which may prohibit them from teaching.

• Welcoming qualified non-board members to board committees to provide professional assistance and expertise when required.