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Enhanced Screening Process

In April 2013, the Minister for Education and Child Development proposed changes to the existing screening process undertaken by the Board in relation to the assessment of fitness and propriety. A working Group that included representatives from the Teachers Registration Board (the Board), unions, employers and the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion was established to progress the proposed changes. After discussing a range of options, recommendations were presented to the Board for consideration.


On 25 October 2013, the Board, after seeking legal advice, determined that child protection information obtained from Families SA would be incorporated into the assessment of fitness and propriety for registration as a teacher.


The Board will seek consent of applicants in the same way that it does in relation to National Police History checks. Explicit guidelines regarding the scope of information released are currently being developed. A three month pilot program will commence from 1 March 2014. This will enable a proper review of the impact of implementation prior to the renewal of registration later in the year.


All relevant application forms will be updated and available on the Board’s website from 1 March 2014 and applicants will be required to consent to the transfer of relevant child protection information from Families SA. Information will be published on the Teachers Registration Board website on an ongoing basis from March 2014.