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Code of Conduct


The Board is proposing to develop a Code of Conduct applying to both teachers and unregistered persons who hold a special authorisation to teach under section 30 of the Teachers Registration and Standards Act 2004.

In addition, the Board has adopted the guideline entitled Protective Practices for staff in their interactions with children and young people (2nd edition revised 2019).

Current Consultation 

A Discussion Paper regarding the developing of the proposed Code of Conduct is now available at: Code of Conduct Discussion Paper.

This document provides a summary of work undertaken so far.  To assist stakeholders with providing further input into the proposed Code, a series of questions that have been developed from previous consultation, and these are detailed in the Discussion Paper. 

Along with the questions are a selection of scenarios that may help put the question in context, provide conversation starters for those investigating the questions in groups, or just to help spark ideas.  Responses are being collected online here ( ).  Responses are welcomed from both individuals and groups, and can address as many or as few of the questions as you wish.

The deadline for responses to the Discussion paper has been extended to 31 October 2022.




Future Consultation

Following the compilation of responses to this paper group consultation sessions will be held, both online at and the Board’s Offices.   Click on one of the dates below to register to attend (numbers capped at 20 persons per event).

In Person Events.  70 Pirie Street, Adelaide

Tuesday 21 February 2023, 3.30-5pm

Wednesday 1 March 2023, 3.30-5pm

Tuesday 7 March 2023, 3.30-5pm

Wednesday 15 March 2023, 3.30-5pm


Online Events.  Participants required to access event using Microsoft Teams

Wednesday 22 February 2023, 3.30-5pm

Tuesday 28 February 2023, 3.30-5pm

Wednesday 8 March 2023, 3.30-5pm

Tuesday 14 March 2023, 3.30-5pm