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Prescribed Information

As stated in the Teachers Registration and Standards Regulations 2016 at regulation 11:

For the purpose of section 37(1) or section 39(1) of the Act, the report to the Teachers Registration Board must contain (in addition to the information required under that section)-

  • the name, address and teacher registration number of the teacher; and
  • the name and address of the school or other place at which the teacher is (or was at the relevant time) employed; and
  • the names and addresses of all persons who the employer believes may be able to give material evidence relevant to the question of the teacher’s alleged unprofessional conduct or incapacity, as the case may be.

Electronic versions of the forms can be downloaded, hand written, signed and dated and then forwarded via post to the Teachers Registration Board at the address below.

Reports should be marked "Private & Confidential" and mailed to:

The Registrar
Teachers Registration Board of South Australia
PO Box 3649

List of form