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Overseas Teaching Qualifications

Assessment of Overseas Teaching Qualifications

If you hold a teacher education qualification from a country outside of Australia you must first complete an Application for Assessment of Qualifications to determine whether your qualifications meet the Board's minimum requirements for teacher registration.


You will need to complete the Application for Assessment of Qualifications, provide payment of the assessment fee and attach certified copies of your:

  • Passport and birth certificate
  • Change of name document (e.g. marriage certificate), if applicable
  • Official  academic transcript (sometimes called an academic record, statement of results or mark sheet) for each of your qualifications
  • Degree parchment for each of your qualifications


The minimum duration of supervised teaching practice within a teacher education qualification is 45 days.  If your academic transcript does not show how much supervised teaching practice you completed during your studies you will need to provide evidence of this in another form; you must obtain a signed letter from the university that awarded you the qualification (not an affiliated College of Education) or provide a copy of the course syllabus for the year that you completed the qualification.


Your application can be submitted by post, or in person at the Board's office. We will not accept faxed or electronic (emailed) copies of applications or supporting documents. Please see here for information relating to translation and certification of documents.


It may take up to 6 weeks for the Board to assess your qualifications. Once completed, you will receive an assessment report detailing whether your qualifications were determined as meeting the Board's requirements and the reasons for this decision.


If your qualifications are assessed as meeting the Board's requirements for registration, you will be eligible to then submit an Application for Teacher Registration.


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