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Professional Learning

What is professional learning?

Professional learning ensures all teachers continually update their knowledge and practice and are classroom-ready at any time.

The Teachers Registration Board defines professional learning as any planned or unplanned learning opportunities, processes, or experiences in which a teacher engages either in their work time or own time. Professional learning:

  • continually builds capacity as a professional to positively impact student growth
  • furthers professional growth based on needs and relevance of individuals
  • supports the learning outcomes of children and students, now or in the future
  • aligns to site and/or system priorities.

Registered teachers who have not completed a minimum 100 hours of professional learning within a five-year period may not be permitted to renew their registration.

Teachers who have exceptional and/or extenuating circumstances must apply to the Board for special consideration.

You can find out your term of registration dates on theĀ Teachers Portal.


Professional learning for registration purposes is required to be:

  • a minimum of 100 hours per five-year term of registration, regardless of whether teaching full-time, part-time, as a temporary relief teacher, or taking extended leave, including parenting leave;
  • over and above the normal roles and responsibilities of a teacher, such as preparing, planning, programming, assessing, and reporting;
  • referenced against theĀ Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST);
  • recorded regularly on the Teachers Portal with supporting evidence retained to verify that the learning has occurred.