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Professional Learning Evaluation 2016

The Professional Learning Evaluation project has been completed.

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The professional learning evaluation gathered information about how the professional learning requirement impacted teachers. The evaluation collected evidence from a large sample of teachers who renewed their registration.

The evaluation:

  • Reviewed the professional learning undertaken by teachers and how it aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, the impact of the professional learning on a teacher’s professional growth, and any challenges faced in meeting this requirement.
  • Provided feedback to the Board about the nature of the professional learning undertaken that has informed the Board about how to support teachers further in undertaking professional learning to meet the professional standards.

What information was collected?

  • Summaries of professional learning

Teachers selected for the evaluation were notified by email or letter and had 28 days in which to respond. Teachers who had documented their professional learning through the Teachers Portal were able to check their records to ensure accuracy and completion, with the TRB able to access this information electronically for the audit. Alternatively, a smaller proportion of teachers submitted a signed hard copy summary of their professional learning.

  • Online survey

Selected teachers were also invited to complete a brief online survey. The survey collected demographic details such as years of teaching experience, current teaching cohort (Early Childhood/ Primary/Secondary), employment status (full time, part time TRT, on leave), and the geographical location (city/country) of the school if appropriate. It also sought information regarding professional learning experiences including the impact and challenges of meeting the professional learning requirements. All information was collated and analysed to provide a detailed report for the Board.

  • Focus group interviews

A selection of teachers who participated in the evaluation were invited to attend either a regional or metropolitan focus group interview. The purpose of these focus groups was to explore the professional learning requirements and the processes involved in greater detail with smaller cohorts of teachers. Participants were selected to ensure representation across the different groups of teachers evident in the sample (e.g., teachers on leave, TRTs). In each focus group, a semi-structured interview schedule was used to ensure a degree of consistency in the questions asked across the groups. 

  • Evaluation Report

The full Research Report was completed on June 2016 and is published on the TRB website. Further, an Executive Summary is also available with a brief overview of findings of the findings.

Read the Background Literature for the Final Evaluation Report by Associate Professor Debra Panizzon...