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Are you planning on going overseas?

If you are planning to spend, or have spent, extended time overseas for more than just a holiday, it may affect your application requirements for Renewal of Registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to maintain your South Australian Teacher Registration while overseas, you will need to continue to meet the requirements in order to renew your teacher registration. These requirements include the 100 hours of professional learning (during the five-year term), mandatory notification training and the required teaching practice days. For more information on the teaching practice requirements you have with your particular teacher registration status (e.g. Provisional Registration or Full Registration) please click here.
Please note: it may be possible to renew your registration with a notation on your certificate if you are unable to complete the teaching practice requirement.

Please also note that if you reside in any country other than Australia, for more than 12 continuous months within your current term of registration, you will also need to provide original or certified copies of national overseas criminal history record checks from those countries. The check must be issued in the 12 months immediately prior to your registration expiry date.

Overseas Criminal History Record Checks can be time consuming and difficult to obtain once you are back in Australia and this will affect the time it takes to finalise an application. The TRB advises that you apply for a criminal history check while you are still residing in the overseas country, before your return to Australia.


No.  You are unable to place your renewal of registration on hold for any circumstances.

The Application for Renewal of Registration is available online via the Teacher Portal.  To use the portal, please register for an account. Once you have created your account, you will be able to log in to the portal at:

Please note that if you decide to apply for re-instatement of your registration in the future you may be subject to additional requirements before you can re-enter the register. Further information regarding previously registered teachers is available on our website at or you can contact the Board for further information about re-applying.

You can complete the mandatory notification requirements online. Please follow this link to complete the required training. Please email the Board if you would like to confirm your requirements at

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