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Renewal Requirements

Your teacher registration is active until 31 January of the third year following your last registration or renewal. Prior to your registration expiry date you can apply to renew it for a further 3 years. You can check your expiry date on the public register.

The due date for renewal is one month before your registration expires. For example, if your registration expiry date is 31 January 2018, you must meet all renewal requirements and lodge your Application for Renewal of Registration by 31 December 2017.

The Teachers Portal is an invaluable tool for your renewal of registration, and it's easy to sign up for an account. You can use the portal to update your contact details, and access your Application for Renewal of Registration. You must use the portal to record your professional learning activities. 

The renewal requirements

All registered teachers need to meet the renewal requirements to be eligible for renewal. Select your registration status to find out what you need to do.

I hold Provisional Registration

Within your current term of registration you need to have:

I hold (full) Registration

Within your current term of registration, you need to have:

Application for Renewal of Registration

The Application for Renewal of Registration will become available to you in mid October on the Teachers Portal before your registration expiry date.

You will need to:

  • complete all sections of the application in full
  • provide payment of the registration fee
  • upload your certificate of completion for the relevant Mandatory Notification Training course on the Teachers Portal (if not previously supplied).

National Police History Check

You must consent to a National Police History Check (NPHC) undertaken by the Board. The Board is unable to accept a NPHC issued for any other purpose. Do not send or obtain a NPHC from any other organisation. Pages 3 and 4 of your Application for Renewal of Registration are the consent form authorising the Board to conduct a NPHC.

The consent form requires you to state all names by which you have ever been known e.g. current name, birth name, married name/s and change/s of name. If you have changed your name, you must provide the Board with a certified copy of your change of name document reflecting your current name.

A NPHC may take up to six weeks to process depending on individual circumstances.

As the check is conducted by way of electronic data exchange, the Board is unable to provide a copy of the NPHC. For further information contact the staff of the Investigation Unit on (08) 8253 9700.

Note: For this renewal cycle the Board has been granted an exemption from its contractual arrangements with Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) regarding the provision of proof of identity documentation. Documentation relating to proof of identity will need to be submitted when you next renew your registration.

Department for Child Protection Information

You must consent to an assessment against child protection information held by the Department for Child Protection (DCP). Relevant child protection information is released to the Board by authorisation of the Chief Executive of DCP pursuant to section 58(3)(c) of the Children's Protection Act 1993.

You will be asked to provide your consent for the Board to provide your personal information to the Department for Child Protection for the purposes of assessing your fitness and propriety for registration as a teacher.

If consent is not provided your Application for Renewal of Registration cannot be processed.

Your full name, all names you have ever been known by, your residential address and your date of birth will be securely and confidentially forwarded to the Department for Child Protection.

If applicable, the Department for Child Protection will provide the Board with relevant child protection information, which the Board will take into account in conjunction with any relevant National Police History Check Information and any other information to determine your fitness for registration as a teacher. For further information contact the staff of the Investigation Unit on (08) 8253 9700.

Overseas Criminal History Record Checks

If you have resided in any country other than Australia for more than 12 continuous months within your current (three-year) term of registration, you also need to provide an appropriate overseas criminal history record check for each country.

Professional Learning Audit

You will declare on the Application for Renewal of Registration whether you have completed 60 hours of professional learning, and - if you hold (full) Registration - whether you have also completed 60 days of professional practice.

You do NOT need to provide any documentation with your application to support this; however, a sample of Applications for Renewal of Registration will be selected at random and audited by the Board.

You will be notified by email (or letter) if you are selected for the audit. Time will be given for you to update your professional learning record if required. The Board will then access the information from the Teachers Portal on the due date. You will be contacted if further information about your submission is required. You do not need to submit your actual pieces of supporting evidence to the Board unless specifically requested.

What happens if I don't renew my registration?

If you do not renew your registration before the expiry date you will be removed from the register and you will not be able to be employed as a teacher in South Australia. It is an offence to practice as a teacher without current teacher registration.

Should you wish to return to teaching after your registration expires you will need to apply for re-instatement of registration.


More detailed information about each of the requirements can be found by clicking on the relevant hyperlinks, or in the Frequently Asked Questions. We encourage you to take some time familiarising yourself with these requirements and how they apply to your circumstances.

If your query cannot be answered by any of the above, please feel free to contact us.