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Special Authority for an Unregistered Person to Teach Anangu Education

Board Policy

Anangu Education in Schools or Pre-Schools

The Board's policy enables applicants who have completed a specific program of higher education study, to teach in Anangu schools in South Australia. Anangu schools are located on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands in the northwest of South Australia. 

This Special Authority does not enable the applicant to teach in any other school in South Australia.

Anangu education teachers can lodge a Special Authority application form with the Board.

Read the Special Authority to Teach Policy here

Minimum Qualifications Requirements

In order to qualify for a Special Authority to Teach Anangu Education, an applicant must have completed the following higher education qualification: 

  • Bachelor of Teaching (Anangu Education) from the University of South Australia.

Renewal of Special Authority

An applicant is eligible to apply to renew a Special Authority at the expiry of each three year period provided they have satisfied all other requirements i.e. Mandatory Notification Training, consent to a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check undertaken by the Board and are fit and proper to be granted an extension of the Special Authority to Teach for a further three year period.

Application Form