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Exchange Teacher

Board Policy

Board Policy Special Authority For An Unregistered Person To Teach As An Exchange Teacher

Exchange Teachers are generally employed through agreements between educational  authorities in South Australia and educational authorities overseas and interstate. 

Teachers appointed through an exchange program are placed in a specific school for up to  one school year. 

Exchange Teacher applicants can lodge an 'Application for a Special Authority to Teach as  an Exchange Teacher' form with the Board. There are sections of this application form  which the employer is also required to complete. 

Approval of an application results in the granting of a 'Special Authority' to the Exchange  Teacher applicant. This restricts the Exchange Teacher applicant to teaching at a specific school or pre-school, for a defined period of time not exceeding one school year. 

Exchange Teachers may apply for teacher registration if they wish to seek employment as a teacher in South Australia for a further period of time.

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Application Form