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Statement of Service

Statement of Service

Statements of Service from SA government sites

All of your employment in SA government sites will be recorded by the South Australian Department for Education.

If you go to the Department for Education website and click the ‘Intranet’ button you will be directed to LearnLink. Once you have logged on to LearnLink, navigate to the Employee Information Kiosk (EIK). Within the EIK you can download your statement of service as a PDF file that can be printed and attached to your application.

If you are unable to access your statement of service this way, please contact the Department for Education for assistance.

Statements of Service from other employers

For employment in Catholic schools, independent schools, and long day care centres you will need to ask the appropriate person (e.g. Finance Officer, Human Resources Officer, Deputy Principal, Director) at each site for a statement of service.

The statement of service needs to be printed on the site’s official letterhead and reflect:

  • Your full name and registration number
  • Your position title/s
  • Start date, end date, and fraction of time (FTE) for each of your appointments (temporary relief teaching service can be reflected as the total number of TRT days worked per year)
  • Any periods of leave without pay taken during your employment
  • Name, title and dated signature of the person who prepared the statement.

If you are teaching in another Australian state or territory or in New Zealand please check with the relevant local authority about gaining a statement of service from your employer/s.

The Board does not receive teaching service information directly from employers, so it is your responsibility to obtain a Statement of Service as evidence of meeting the requirements. We cannot accept copies of employment contracts, payslips or any other documents in place of Statements of Service.