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Summary Record of Evidence

It is recommended that you use the Summary Record of Evidence document to record the types of evidence you shared with your evaluator during the transition to (full) Registration process.

This is a useful tool to map your evidence against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) and may help you identify areas where further evidence is required.

Please do not submit your summary record with the Application to Transition from Provisional to (full) Registration unless you are an Early Childhood Teacher without a registered Director.

Completing the Summary Record

You can download a template Summary Record of Evidence. Please ensure you use our current template as other forms of summary record will not be accepted in the case of an audit.

When you complete the summary record you will need to outline the types of evidence you shared with your evaluator to substantiate meeting the Proficient level of each APST. Your explanations need to be explicit and clearly indicate what the evidence was and how this was used to demonstrate the Proficient career stage in the process. You can use bullet points however you should provide sufficient detail for the reader to understand what you have written.


The Board conducts random audits of Applications to Transition from Provisional to (full) Registration on a regular basis.

If your application is selected for inclusion in an audit you will be contacted and asked to provide a completed Summary Record of Evidence. You are not required to submit your actual pieces of evidence unless specifically requested by the Board.

You should retain your evidence and summary record for at least 12 months after the date your application is approved. For further information see the Transition from Provisional to (full) Registration Policy.